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Biblical Cents Purpose and Objectives

Provide an Eclectic Biblical 'Two Cents Worth' (a.k.a. Biblicalcents.com) web site that is interesting, fun, thought provoking, and instructional based on the principles taught in the Bible. The beginning of Wisdom is the knowledge of God. Enjoy Biblicalcents.com.

If you desire to contribute to the web site, please submit your recommendations via the site email address. Your request will be reviewed to determine if it is acceptable in meeting the Purpose of the web site. If it is truly Eclectic in nature and fun, it will be added to the site for others to enjoy. May God Bless you as your explore and share your ideas.

If you have content you would like to submit, or ask a question, feel free to contact us at our e-mail address: inquire@biblicalcents.com.